Our Mission

We collect donations (like to call these “spark seeds”) from the already fruitful givers (like to call them as "ignited" with fruitfulness & a giving spirit) and distribute to the hardworking deserving poor, to enable their darkened lives also to start sparkling, be fruitful and become givers themselves.


With great committment we have undertaken to do the following:

  1. Promote and encourage giving and sharing by igniting and bringing to light the hidden or dormant inbuilt giving potential present in every human being.
  2. Provide the best feedback possible on the great impact that givers’ investments are making, and also show evidence of the recycling and regenerating effect such investments are creating, so that those who always have the question “what is in it for me?” and those who think that they are safe and better off by not giving and sharing at all, would come to realize the rewarding experience behind the act of giving and also understand the unexplainable emotional satisfaction it gives.
  3. Enlighten and inspire affluent businessmen in urban communities that it would be in their interest as well to ‘give’ and raise the standards of living in the economically inactive rural neighborhoods, because it would in turn give rise to expanded or newer market opportunities for their businesses, and gradually move on to having overall positive effects on the global economy as well.  Also convince the affluent that urban living would indeed be safer when frustrations of poverty leading to crimes disappear.
  4. Knock at the doors of all donor organizations out there and large commercial establishments, banks, etc which value CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and seek their generous support and continuous participation to make this revolutionary giving system spread worldwide effectively and powerfully. Organize very effective fund raising programs/events on a periodic basis to attract generous donations from individuals, groups and any other types of donors.  Make maximum use of the social media networks to publicize and promote this unique giving system and attract continuous donations.
  5. Use the donations to reach out to the poor who are not yet self reliant.  Introduce a revolutionary giving mechanism where anything that is given (money / material things / services / knowledge / training) does not just get all used up and stop there, but continues to recycle and re-generate because, in this giving system the receivers themselves are required to give and share as well.
  6. Ensure that this unique giving system works smoothly to achieve the intended results where the recipients are able to stand on their own feet and are relieved from having to beg or wait until others supply their daily needs continuously.
  7. While family by family gets relieved from poverty, start major community development programs with the involvement of professional mission groups and non profit organizations committed to doing such projects with whom Givers League would partner.
  8. Strive for sustainability and excellence – Communicate effectively, convince, motivate, build good rapport and maintain strong/steady long term relationships/partnerships with the organization’s internal and external stakeholders, constituents and donors.  Use resources effectively and efficiently to minimize operational costs to the lowest possible levels. Offer incentives to encourage micro-forward recipients to continue giving even after they have given back in full what they received.