Micro Forwards

"Micro Forwards" is the product that Givers League International (GLI) gives to the poor and needy to assist them become self reliant and not depend on others for their daily needs.  Whatever you give, helps GLI fund these Micro Forwards. 

  • Brand New Micro-Business Assistance Product

Givers League International introduced “Micro Forwards” (MFs) as a brand new micro business assistance product. Micro Forwards are also given to meet necessities relating to vocational training that leads to employment. The unique giving forward mechanism of this system brought about this name to the product.

  • Achieve Self Reliance

Micro Forwards help the recipients to become self reliant, stand on their own feet, avoid taking interest loaded loans, and also prevent them from begging or waiting until others supply their daily needs for an indefinite period of time.

  • Revolutionary Giving Mechanism

The Micro Forward concept is a revolutionary giving mechanism where anything that is given (money / materials / services / knowledge / training) does not just get all used up and stop there, but continues to re-generate and move forward, because, in this giving system the receivers themselves are required to give and share as well.

  • Different to Micro-Loans or Micro-Grants

The Micro Forward model is very much different to the Micro-Loans and Micro-Grants models. In micro-loans, the recipient becomes a borrower having to pay a loan installment with an extremely high interest component built into it. In micro-grants, the receiver becomes a grantee and just consumes the money without any obligation or loyalty to do something in return. In Micro Forwards, the receivers accept the responsibility to give forward through Givers League International (GLI) and become GIVERS themselves.


  • Recipients’ desire to be cheerful GIVERS !!

GLI will ensure that MF receivers understand the MF concept clearly and realize that it is only by giving and sharing that other poor and needy people’s lives also can be changed. If a poor person has a sincere intention of standing on his own and making a living for him and his family without depending on others to keep helping him for ever, and also has a desire to give forward from his/her fruitfulness, this is the type of person that GLI wants to help. Such people are valuable assets to their communities because they not only give back from their profits to help others, but are also able to train and provide work for others when their businesses begin to grow.

  • Recipients’ perseverance and capabilities

Micro Forwards are given to capable and responsible poor entrepreneurs who show confidence that they are able to prove the viability of their small scale businesses and who are also willing to be givers themselves after 3 months of receiving their financial help. The receiver needs to agree on a 1/24th monthly give-back from the 4th month onwards and fully give back the total principal amount received in a maximum period of 24 months.