GLICs & GLIC Leaders

GLIC                           - Givers League International Cell

GLIC Leader              - Givers League International Cell Leader


How is a GLIC set up and a GLIC Leader chosen ?

  • Givers League International (GLI) will search for societies, organizations, churches, or any other such parties across the globe who are truly committed to helping financially challenged individuals and families to become self reliant. Such parties are most welcome to contact GLI on their own too and express their interest to be involved.
  • If they meet the selection criteria, each of them will be selected as a GLIC and will be required to appoint its GLIC Leader
  • GLIC selections will be based on the following selection criteria:

(a)   Their capability to recommend deserving responsible people to qualify for GLI’s micro forwards

(b)   Their credentials, references, past relevant experience or anything else that would well support their selection as a Givers League International Cell (GLIC) or as a GLIC Leader.

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