Giving Cycles



  • circles2 diagramForward Moving Action

There is a powerful forward moving action in this system of giving because every dollar given or every type of training given by the generous givers keep circulating going from one to another through Givers League International (GLI) and will never stop being put into use over and over again.

  • The Continuity

The continuity is possible because the receivers themselves become givers by giving back from the productivity of what they received in order to be a blessing to others facing the same situation they themselves faced before.

  • Your investment produces continuous fruitfulness

It will be so satisfying for those partnering with GLI to note that, what they give do not simply help just one person and stop there but continues to go from one to another through GLI. Therefore, what they give never ceases to bear fruit continuously.

  • GLI as the Channeling Facility

Givers League International (GLI) will be like the channeling facility passing on the spark seeds from givers to deserving responsible poor people who will not only put those seeds to best use, but will also give forward through GLI, seeds from the fruitfulness of their micro businesses.