Use Our Program To Reach Out

Reach out through your institution/organization:  Use our unique product to reach out to the deserving through a suitable charity related entity (welfare society, non-profit institution, church, etc.). We call such an entity a GLIC (Givers League International Cell).

Our product is not a loan or grant:  Our product name is "MICRO FORWARDS" - It is neither a loan nor a grant.  Micro Forward (MF) receivers are required to become givers themsleves from the 4th month onwards after making best use of our micro forwards. They need to agree to give back in monthly instalments and finish giving back the full principal amount they recieved within a period of 24 months.

The GLICs do not send the collected 'Give Backs' to USA: The GLICs abroad which collect these 'give backs' are not required to send these amounts back to our Head Office in USA (GLI-USA). Instead, such amounts are kept back to be continuously given forward in their same neighborhoods/communities. However, GLI-USA need to see/approve all MF Applications prior to any GLIC disbursing such collected funds to MF Applicants.  GLI-USA will continue to send funds to cover any short falls required to meet approved MF Requests as and when necessary.

In this program, it's all about giving small seeds from one's fruitfulness to enable another person/family to plant those seeds and become fruitful. 

Click here if you like to read more about our product - MICRO FORWARDS

The very first step to take is, the forming of a cell which we call a GLIC (Givers League International Cell). Click here to read - How to form a GLIC

The next step is, to locate the desering. Click here to read - Locate the Deserving