Form a "GLIC"

(1)  Get your organization, society, church, or any such entity to become a GLIC - a Givers League International Cell

(2)  Get the required approvals from your organization Owners, Board or relevant Approving Authority for:

(a)  A partnership to be established with our organization (GLI-USA )

(b)  The selection of the Cell Leader (GLIC Leader) to manage and monitor the transactions.

The above two need to be evidenced by either a Board Resolution/Minutes or a valid letter from the Approving Authority.

(3) Your organization agrees to some basic requirements as per the MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) the GLIC Leader signs on behalf of your organization.                         Click here to view or print the MOU pdf icon small

(4) Get in touch with us to finalize the partnership.  Click here for our contact details