A few of the Success Stories from Sri Lanka

Thilakeratne - He and his wife had only very basic facilities before (kerosene cooker and few utensils) to make and sell hoppers (a kind of crispy pancake) which brought them very little income; they were undergoing lot of financial hardship. With the micro forward given by GLI they were able to buy a Gas Cooker, Lentil Grinder and introduce additional food items to their customers. Sales have increased a lot and they are now able to live better lives.


 SRI LANKA  Tilekeratne2

Champika - With three school-going children, she found it extremely hard to manage the household expenses with the negligible net income from her small grocery store. The micro forward by GLI helped her to expand it, make it rodent proof, and add many more products. She says the new and grand look attracted more customers and it has increased the revenue greatly. Her family’s living standard is so much better now.


 SRI LANKA - Champika2

Leela - Earlier she was selling few home-made sweets/candies to small village shops. Using the micro forward she received from GLI, she has now expanded that humble little business of hers; now has her own place to cater to customers. Daily revenue has doubled and she is happy that it has raised her family’s standard of living.


 SRI LANKA Leelawathie2

Wimalawathie - Her suffering has ended; she used to make kola kenda (a green leaf porridge) and few breakfast items; the small income made was hardly enough to cover her two children’s expenses. Her husband does part-time jobs when available which is also rare. GLI’s micro forward helped her to relocate her stall to the main market area and make it into a bigger outlet with more products as well. She says business is now flourishing and she is able to give a better life and sound education to her children.


SRI LANKA Wimalawathie2