A few of the Success Stories from Sierra Leone

Morenike – SIERRA LEONE : She was earlier doing a very small trading business doing both buying and selling sugar and gari in the retail market; due to lack of capital she could not buy in bulk at whole sale prices; hence made extremely thin margins which could not help make any difference to her family’s living conditions and they continued to remain in poverty. Our micro-forward has now helped her to buy large quantities from the whole sale market and enjoy high profit margins on her trading. She has not only increased her sales in sugar and gari but has added many more items and is very happy with the profits she is making; her family’s living conditions have greatly improved now and she has even paid the first term ollege fees for her eldest son who got admitted to college recently.


Abdulrahman – SIERRA LEONE : Earlier it was such a struggle for him to cover his family expenses, and he was also unable to send his son to school which was a big heartache he had. Using the micro-forward GLI gave him, he has improved his humble little business quite well; has bought bigger cartons of tea and sugar at wholesale prices, is now making good sales with increased profit margins as well; has been able to further attract customers by making available ludo and draft games for customers to sit and play there while they enjoy the tea he makes and sells to them. The games attract more customers and thereby more tea sales as well. The good income he now makes has helped him to provide his son proper schooling which he says is the greatest achievement for him.

 SIERRA LEONE - Abdulrahman

Ebidu – SIERRA LEONE : Abandoned by her husband and with five chlidren, she found it extremely hard to make ends meet with the petty sales she did before. When she received funds from GLI, she purchased items in bulk and rented a small area in a market place. That has helped her to do really well as there are more customers there and she has good demand for her products. She is very grateful to the micro forward she received and says she is now able to meet her children’s expenses and send them all to school as well; she is confident that the children can lead good lives from now on.


SIERRA LEONE - Moreneike-2