A few of the Success Stories from Philippines

Josefa-PHILIPPINES: A hard-working poor woman who used to sell snacks at a local bus station. She had been always dreaming of having her own little store in her house with a small sliding window covered with rat-protective wire mesh where she could sell various items and make a much better inome to provide for the family living in depressing conditions. But she could not afford to borrow locally due to the extremely high interest rates charged. She says our Micro Forward of $250 given to her recently was a blessing indeed and now her dream has come true.




Emilia-PHILIPPINES:  She and her husband are very happy with the pre-owned pedicab they bought recently using the micro forward of $250 we gave them. They are the grandparents raising their four grandchildren because the children’s mother and father have both been irresponsible and left them. Emilia hopes to invest the daily pedicab rent they will be saving now to start a small grocery store (a sari sari store as they call it in Philippines).  Emilia is confident that she and her husband can now provide better living conditions to the children and meet their school expenses as well.






Enrika-PHILIPPINES:  this is the poor widow who was collecting recyclable bottles,scrap cardboard, etc. from trash bins to sell to the recycler. It was exhausting work for her. GLI gave her a microforward of just $100 to get a cart made and to have some extra cash to start buying the recyclable items from homes rather than collect from trash bins. She has got the cart done, and now is very happy visiting houses to collect the paper, board, etc. to sell to the recycler.  




Rodelo-PHILIPPINES: he was recently given a microforward of $250 by GLI to buy a used pedicab. Earlier he was hiring a pedicab on a daily basis. The net earnings after paying each day’s pedicab rent was not at all sufficient to meet even the basic needs of his four young children. He is now relieved to have his own pedicab which helps him save enough to send the kids to school and meet their other needs.