A few of the Success Stories from India

With a visually challenged husband and 3 children, Jeyaseeli had a hard life. Using the funds she received from GLI, she moved her food stall to a better and cleaner environment and increased its size as well.  She is very thankful to GLI and is excited about the many customers she has now and the higher profits. She is able to cover her 3 children’s expenses and also is paying back in monthly installments what she received from GLI.



Peachiammal who was earlier working at a canteen earning a very small wage has now started her own small food outlet where she sells spicy rice and chapattis with tasty side dishes. She tearfully thanks GLI for enabling her to buy a wet grinder and bulk raw materials for her little business. She has a lot more customers now and making a good income to cover two children’s school expenses. She is making timely repayments on the amount she received.



 This is the physically handicapped woman who needed a financial backing to help increase her small earnings. She has now done the structural modifications / small expansion that was needed for her little shop at the entrance to her house and also increased the supplies which has attracted more customers. She is now relieved that she can bear her expenses with the good income she receives now. She is also paying back monthly as agreed.



Sumathy has more customers now as she is renting a small space in the city area where she has set up a small table and rack. She is happy to have a place like that to do her little flower business now rather than selling them by walking in the streets. Her income has increased well and she is now able to meet the medical expenses of her aging parents; she has also started paying back monthly what GLI gave her.




Usha has purchased a large size grinder to prepare wet idly/dosa (Indian food) mix and sells in her neighbourhood. This new grinder works fast and helps her prepare more mix in a short time. She has also bought a refrigerator to store instant idly/dosa mix which she is able to preserve targeting more customers. Her customer circle has widened and she is very happy that she is now able to give a better life to her 3 children.