Some of the Requests from Sri Lanka

Leelawathie : Her husband gets a very small pension which is hardly enough to cover the cost of basic needs and they continue to live in poverty despite her hard work to earn an additional income. She together with her daughter make and sell a few kinds of sweets (home-made candy, toffees, etc.) to small village shops and also makes a specialty called ‘kalu dodol’ which is a popular and expensive home-made product. Yet the profit made is negligible as the quantities produced are too small to generate enough earnings. She needs $185 to buy more utensils and also ingredients in bulk to increase their supplies to the local market which would then fetch better income for them to share. The daughter would also then have sufficient funds for her children’s expenses.



 SriLanka 1  Leelawathie

Champika - A housewife who has recently started running a small way side grocery shop as the income her husband makes as a small time farmer (paddy and seasonal crops) had never been enough for the family’s needs. They have three children whose schooling has become a tedious task due to severe financial hardships they face. The sales volumes done in her small store are not adequate to make a reasonable profit; hence their living conditions have not turned for the better yet. She is determined to improve / expand by adding a tea shop (small restaurant style) and is confident that it will bring in more income. Her request is for a micro forward of $200.


 SriLanka 1  Champika

Wimalawathie : She makes and sells some green leaf porridge and few breakfast items which gives her a very small income daily that is hardly enough to even cover the basic family expenses. Her husband has no permanent job. They have two children aged 13 and 8 attending school with the greatest difficulty. She says that she can double her income if she is able to increase her production and take those to the town area to sell. She is requesting for a Micro Forward of $140 to buy a gas cooker, additional pots/pans and the required raw materials.



1 Kamalawathie - SriLanka

Tilakeratne :   He does sundry electrical repair work inside his small home and makes very little income. His wife makes hoppers (a kind of crispy pancake) which is a very small scale operation. Both their children are married and not living with them. The income they make is not sufficient to cover their living expenses and there is no social welfare scheme available for them either. They want to expand the hopper making business and requests for a micro forward of $155 to buy a better gas cooker, an additional gas cylinder, table and six chairs for customers to sit and eat too.  


1 Tilekerathne - SriLanka

Lalitha :   Lalitha, her husband and 5 children live in very depressing conditions in a small run down house. Husband is a welder earning little money when welding work is available for him. Lalitha has a basic sewing machine through which she also makes a little income. The family is facing severe hardship with 3 school going children and two younger ones. Lalitha is capable of doing embroidery and other advanced sewing work. Hence requests a Micro Forward of $230 to buy the required motor for her sewing machine, other accessories and supplies necessary.


1 Lalitha - SriLanka


Dharmasena - He is 70 years old and lives with his son and family. His son has six members in their family and they find it extremely hard to live on his son’s low income which he earns as a trishaw (three-wheeled minicab) driver. His earnings are unpredictable since it’s on taxi-hire basis and he needs to also compete with other trishaws in the village. Dharmasena hopes to expand his little grocery store to make provision for the supply of popular breakfast products (hoppers, strings, pittu, etc,) which he knows will definitely draw more customers and produce better earnings. He requests $175 to buy the required cooking utensils and meet the initial working capital needs.


 SriLnanka 1  Dharmasena