Some of the Requests from Sierra Leone

Philipson -Sierra Leone:  He is physically handicapped, but was a successful small businessman. In the year 2012 thieves have broken in to his shop, held him at gun point and have taken away all the goods and the money he had there. He is depending on Givers League international to help him with start-up capital of $280 to start all over again at a safer location.


SierraLeone2 -Philipson

Marian - Sierra Leone: She was deceived by her husband who put up their house for sale with her small sales outlet as well without informing her, and left her as well. She was helpless as he was a violent man and lost everything.   She hopes to rent out a small place and start all over again, and request a Micro Forward of $300 from Givers League International .



SierraLeone2  Marian

Saidu - Sierra Leon: He was a quarry worker who lost his ability to work when a huge stone at his work site fell on his right arm. Since he didn’t recover fully doctos advied him to not to go back to his former job. A kind business friend gave him a used bottle cooler to enable him to start selling cool beverages and run a way side small shop. His request for financial assistance of $270 is for its start-up capital needs.


SierraLeone2  Saidu

Ebidu – SIERRA LEONE : She has five children to provide for as her husband has abandoned all of them seven years ago. She does petty trading (candy, cookies, juice, sodas, etc.) and makes a small income which is hardly enough to meet the basic needs of the family. Schooling expenses of the children seems impossible to bear. She really needs to expand her business, have sufficient larger supplies and attract more customers. Her request is for a micro forward of $240 to buy a reasonable quantity of supplies on wholesale which will help her make a good profit to provide for the children’s expenses.





1Sierra Leone-Ebidu

Abdulrahman – SIERRA LEONE : He makes and sells tea (as a drink). With the very small income earned, he is unable to provide enough for his family. His greatest desire is to give a good and sound education to his son which he finds difficult to achieve. They live a in a tiny one roomed apartment. He has been dreaming of expanding his humble business to take better take of his family. He is requesting a micro forward of $225 to buy big cartons of tea, big bag of sugar, more tea cups/glasses, etc. to cater to more customers and make bigger profits.


1Sierra Leone-Abdulrahman

Morenike – SIERRA LEONE : She is a mother of two sons; husband who was a part-time worker at a cement factory has been laid off from his job five years ago and still not found a proper job. Hence, Morenike has become the bread winner working hard at her small home business where she does basic retail trading of sugar and gari (the second staple food there). Since buying and selling both in the retail market brings very little profit, the family struggles with the little income made. She is requesting a $215 equivalent to invest in a large quantity of supplies from the wholesale market where the purchase cost will be very much lower then. This will help make her business very profitable and expand as well.


1Sierra Leone-Morenike