Some of the Requests from Philippines

Mario - PHILIPPINES: Mario lives with his wife and little daughter in a small rented room. He is a handyman doing little odd jobs, and sometimes has no work for days. This young couple has had dreams of starting a small store / eating house, but could not afford it due to high interest loaded monthly payments they would have had to pay if they borrowed money. They have a relative who is prepared to sell a barbeque strand for a very low price, and with the charcoal cost and initial food purchases, they are requesting a $250 equivalent as micro forward to start their little dream venture.


2Mario - Philippines

Paz - PHILIPPINES: She is a very poor washer woman visiting houses and washing people’s clothes. She has to take care of her grandkid too and struggles a lot financially. They live way up a hill in a squatter homes area where access is very difficult. Further, the house she calls home is in a rundown state. Due to lack of start up funds she has not been able to put up a small road side stand down the hill to sell food items through which she can make a better income. She is requesting $250 to start this humble micro business.




Jerry - PHILIPPINES: Jerry and his 15 year old son take turns in driving a pedicab that they rent every day day. Since the pedicabs are out looking for work from 6am to 10 pm, the father and son splits up the driving time. Jerry has struggled a lot in life, hence aged and not very strong now. Therefore the son quit school to help him. They have no proper home either as they lost their little 8’x12’ roadside hut when the road widening started. No compensation was received because they were just squatters with no land rights. They need a micro forward of $250 to invest in a used pedicab to save on the daily pedicab rent they pay and look forward to live better lives.



2Jerry - Philippines

Josefa - PHILIPPINES: She sells snacks to passengers at a local bus station, has a bunch of school-going kids, her husband is a pedicab driver. In this part of Philippines where they live, pedicab driving is one of the lowest paying jobs. It’s hard work with physical pedaling whether it’s rain or hot sun. It allows men to bring home some money which is hardly enough to cover the cost of even the basic needs. Josefa plans to put a store window (small opening, sliding door and rat wire nettting) in her house so she or the older children can sell food items. Her Request is for a Micro Forward of $250 to invest on this micro project.


2Josefa - Philippines

Felicidad – PHILIPPINES:  A very poor widow with no pension. She tries to support herself and help her son’s family by selling cookies, candies, etc. by the way side using a small stand. There are other similar or better stands like this nearby and it is not easy to attract customers with the type of food she sells.   Although she can borrow money locally to improve her stand, that option was beyond her means due to the interest burden she has bear. She was happy to hear of our micro forward program and is requesting $250 to improve her stall.



Felicidad - Philippines

Pedra – PHILIPPINES: She is a single mother with two kids aged four and one. Pedra is unable to buy milk or proper meals to give her small children nor send the older one to school. She has been planning to have a small decent stall / booth to sell fish and vegetables which would help her to make a reasonable income to feed and give a better life to her children. Lack of finances had left her in the same depressing conditions for a long time. Her request is for a micro forward equivalent to $250 to help make her dream come true.



mb Pedra-Philippines

Emilia – PHILLIPINES: Amelia and her husband are raising their grand children as the kids’ father has left them, and their mother works in Manila which is far off and do not take much responsibility either. Amelia’s husband is a tricycle (pedicab) driver who has to rent a tricycle every day which takes a fair portion of his daily earnings. Their plan is to own/buy a used pedicab and then save the rental money to buy items to put up a small sari sari store (a small roadside stand) as an additional source of income.  Their request is for a micro forward of $250.


Amelia family- Philippines

Enrika – PHILIPPINES: She is a 61 year old widow who makes a living by selling to the recycler scrap cardboard and bottles that she collects from trash bins. She makes only about $2.00 – 3.00 a day which is used to support her and her two small grandchildren. When it’s bad weather or if she’s sick, then she has no income for that day. She lives day to day.  She needs a micro forward of $100 to be able to fund an effort to go door to door and buy empty bottles, paper, card board, etc. and then sell to the recycler.




Enrika - Philippines

Rodelo – PHILIPPINES:   He is a pedicab driver. Pedicab is like a little taxi which runs by sole human pedalling as it has no engine. It has a passneger compartment attached to it. Rodelo rents it every day from a pedicab stand, and from his little earnings, he has to pay it’s day’s rent too. He has four children and the family is struggling to survive. He wishes to use a micro forward of $250 to invest in a used pedicab in order to avoid paying the daily pedicab rent which for a month amounts to more than what he has to give back on our micro forward.




Rodelo2 - Philippines