Some of the Requests from India

Rajeswari - INDIA: She is a physically challenged young woman aged 27 years living with her aged mother. She gets about in a tricycle. She is presently not earning anything but depending on the income earned by her mother who works as a house maid. She feels bad to live out of her aged mother’s little earnings and is determined to do something on her own. Hence she wishes to start a tea / coffee shop in the front porch of their humble home facing the street. A micro forward of $350 would help to do minor structural modifications in her house and cover the cost of the required startup raw materials.



Peachiammal - INDIA: She has two children. She is struggling financially, unable to cover household expenses and the two children’s school needs with the small wage she gets by working as a cook in a canteen. She is confident of her knowledge, skills and capabilities to run her own little canteen, but yet unable to do so without the required start-up finances. She has a ready market too in her own neighborhood where there is no such eating place nearby. Her capital expense breakdown submitted justifies a micro forward of $415



Loganathan - INDIA He lives with his aged parents and 3 children. He has been working as a cloth merchant for the past 18 years. He purchases dress materials in bulk, move around in small towns and sell them on installment basis. With all that hard work of moving around carrying the materials, the income earned is hardly enough to look after his aged parents and provide good education to his children. With the trade skills/experience gathered over the years, he is now ready to open his own sales outlet which will bring him a better income. A micro forward of $460 would cover his estimated capital cost to make it a reality.



Malliga - INDIA: She has two children aged 12 and 10 years. She has a small tailoring unit in her house with very old model sewing machines. She has employed two girls and sews ladies’ dresses. Earnings are very low due to inefficiencies and low productivity caused by the defective slow speed sewing machines in use. Her husband is a coollie (laborer) with no proper earnings. Their children’s education is affected for lack of funds to meet required school expenses. A micro forward of $330 would help her to buy two electric sewing machines and a table which will help increase productivity and enable better earnings.



Jeyaseeli - INDIA Jayaseeli aged 57 lives with her 3 children and aged husband who is visually challenged. She runs a small canteen in an open area on the road side where her customers stand alongside the road to have food. Due to poor accommodation and other acceptable facilities, she does not have many customers. Although she works hard from morning till night, her earnings are very small and not sufficient to meet her children’s educational expenses. She needs an amount of $440 to upgrade the present facilities and improve her business.



Subramaniam - INDIA: He lives with his aged father and children. He is a street vendor selling ready-made garments – shirts, trousers, dresses, sarees, petticoats etc. He works hard, yet remains financially challenged unable to give a good education to his children and meet his aging father’s expenses. Although there is much potential for expanded sales in his business, he hasn’t had any funds to effect such an expansion. A micro forward of $435 would help him reach that potential, and give a better life to his children and elderly father.



Sumathy - INDIA: She is looking after her aged parents. She is a lower vendor selling flowers in the streets, and has no proper income coming from it, and finds it very challenging to ensure that she has enough money to cover the day to day expenses including medical needs, etc of her aging parents. Although she was always dreaming of having her own flower shop, it just continued to be a dream only until she heard about our micro forward program. She is excited to use a micro forward of $315 to make her dream come true.


Sujatha - INDIA: Sujatha is a professional beautician, who visits her few clients in their homes as she was never able to have her own beauty parlor due to lack of required finances. This has prevented her from expanding her clientele and deprived her from earning the decent income she would have otherwise earned. With her low income now, she finds it hard to meet household expenses and educational needs of her children. A micro forward of $325 would enable her to meet the start up costs of setting up her own little beauty salon and buy the required materials as well.



Raju - INDIA: He works as a Salesman in a textile showroom in Chennai city earning a very small wage. He has 4 children and finds it extremely difficult to bear the increasing expenses of children’s educational and household expenses. He is hoping to have a small clothes store in his house, and take these items to the nearby houses and sell them when he finds time. This additional income is a ‘must have’ for his family without which they would face major hardships. A micro forward of $460 would cover the start-up cost of this new micro venture.



Usha - INDIA: She  has three Children. She uses a small food grinding machine to prepare breakfast idli/dosa mix which she sells on a small scale to the neighboring households. The income she makes from this small operation is insufficient to take care of her children’s needs. She is unable to expand without a modern grinder and also a refrigerator to store perishable idli/dosa mix. A micro forward of $425 will help her buy these two items and increase the income she makes from this micro business of hers.




Ruthiya - INDIA: She lives with her aged in-laws, husband and son. Her husband is a coolie (laborer) with no regular wages which is very challenging for the family as they never know whether or not they can make ends meet at any particular time. Although she wanted to do a small garment business from her house, she had no way of getting the funds required for it. She intends to buy clothes in bulk at very low prices and sell at retail prices in the neighborhood; has plans also to expand to other nearby areas. Her perseverance / determination to make it work has given her great confidence to move forward. A micro forward of $330 would help her to achieve it.